Recommended operation per API 7

International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, API 4 and other recommended procedures and standards. Custody Transfers, Hazardous Location, Intrinsically safe, Inventory, PET, Tank, Pipeline, Barge, Ship, Railcar, Tank Truck,Viscosity, Petroleum, Portable, Digital, Thermometer, Inspector, NIST, Certified, Ex, UL, ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, GOST,Gasoline, Diesel, Asphalt, Molten Sulphur, Petrochemical, Viscous, Caustic, Acid, Chemical, Alkali, Molasses, Syrup,Distilled spirits, Aviation fuel

The TP9

Ergonomic probe storage and stainless construction is well suited for gauging heavy products that are hard to clean such as asphalt. With multiple probe configurations and allowable lengths up to 50 meters (165 ft.) the TP9 is well suited to many tank gauging applications.



The TP9 certifications are recognized internationally (IECEx), in Europe (ATEX), Japan (TIIS), and Russia (GOST).